VI. The Lovers (The Two Paths)

Arcanum VI. The Lovers (The Two Paths)

The Lovers or Two Paths represents the fork in the road that severs the two lines of future potentiality. The rulership of the Hierophant brought us to this position, where we now see that the opposing results of our next choice will ultimately lead to contradicting purposes or outcomes. Each path or choice presented by the Lovers expresses the nature of the road ahead in the way in which both are presented—one is fun and appeals to our passions and the other takes hard work and requires the dignity of virtue. We can expect to be tempted by the senses (depicted on the right as Eros, intimate love) that prey on weakness, or we may spot a beacon of virtue (depicted on the left as Agape, selfless love) that frees us from the presence of these lower realms. With the apparent good in choosing “affection”, one finds the weaknesses of one’s own debility multiplied by lack of challenge or inspiration in the denial of Eros, just as the path of “intimacy” and a walk in the imperfect realms permits us to perceive genuine beauty reflected in the object of our desire. Recognize the basic natures of each are both expressions of love. Such is the lesson of our dilemma, when we reach the milestone of indecision. Each path has its own set of outcomes, yet an act of true love is selfless.

If this is your card, today a decision must be made that pertains to love. Understand once you’ve acted on the desired path, you cannot turn back. In doing so, all potentialities that fall under the alternate path shall be cast aside in one fell swoop. Recognize that the damage of one choice to the existence of another is irreversible past this point. Yet the timing in such a decision could also render both paths obsolete, if you now hesitate to act. In this case, unending indecision reigns more worthless than a bad choice.


cc: Miroslav Petrasko

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