Ophiuchus and Orion: The Lost Zodiac Signs

I'm On Astrology By Answers.comThe Oracle’s Library sheds light on the hidden star signs that lie along the zodiac belt. What is the 13th sign, and why does it hold such an important position in the zodiac?

Every year the Sun transits through the constellation Ophiuchus, and each phase the Moon graces the top of Orion. If these two constellations are located along the zodiac belt, why are they not considered part of the traditional zodiac? Although Ophiuchus remains virtually unknown to astrologers of the Tropical Zodiac, the thirteenth sign holds a special place in the night sky. That is, “the serpent bearer” is the location of the Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

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Since these two signs occupy locations along the zodiac belt, Ophiuchus is considered a Sun sign and Orion, a Moon sign.


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