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Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers


Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers is a journey into the cosmos with a world of ancient and modern thought, where microcosm meets macrocosm. From the fractal symmetry in the sacred geometry of the natural world to the celestial bodies that shift like clockwork in the sky, explore the subtle rhythms that connect all motion. Unearth tales of ancient esoterica in harmony with the psychology and physics of great modern minds, like Jung and Einstein.

Within its pages, the dimensional reality begins to unfold the shapes of Plato’s classical elements, and the trace of sacred symmetry resounds the golden ratio in da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”. East meets west as Tao is expressed, and scientific method is challenged. Time turns back the clocks of the stars, as astrological aspects paint the story of the ages in the sky.

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