Izanami, Izanagi and the Creation of Japan

In the ancient Japanese religion of Shinto, the islands of Japan were created by the two divine counterparts Izanami-no-miko and Izanagi-no-mikoto. After the separation of Heaven and Earth emerged from chaos, Izanami-no-miko (she who invites) and Izanagi-no-mikoto (he who invites) stood upon the floating bridge in the sky. Together they held the sacred jeweled spear, […]

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

What’s the meaning of the nativity story and the Star of Bethlehem? Most know the Christmas story of the three “Wise men” who came to pay homage to the newborn Jesus following a brilliant star. But who were the Wise men, and what was the significance of the “nativity”? Nativity is a term associated with […]

Love Astrology: The Art of Synastry

The Oracle’s Library wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day with one of the most popular forms of astrology—relationship astrology also known as synastry. Relationship astrology is the art of comparing the aspects between two natal charts to measure the relations of interconnected planets with angles and aspect patterns. These patterns are used to read the […]

Tao of the Chinese New Year

The Oracle’s Library uncovers the cosmology of Tao and its link to the Chinese Calendar. The Chinese have used a luni-solar calendar for almost five millennia now. The Chinese New Year is the season for the color red—red clothes, red envelopes and red decorations can be spotted at the festivals, and families come together in […]

Aspects of Nativity

The Oracle’s Library introduces the basic aspects of a natal chart. The natal chart dates back to the ancient world, when aspects of fortune were drawn up by the astrologer for princes and kings. In those days, the astrologer was much like a sage who predicted destiny through the use of a natal chart. Now […]

How to Read a Natal Chart

The Oracle’s Library presents the initiation of a basic introductory course into natal charts. The natal wheel or birth chart of modern astrology reflects the planetary positions on the background of zodiac belt upon birth. Each natal chart is unique to location, date and time down to the last second. The natal chart displays what is called […]

Free Online Divination Tools

The Oracle’s Library delivers an inside peek into divination. Divination is the art of prediction used throughout the ancient world. It once took the form of prophecy through sources such as the Greek Oracle, the Magi priest or the soothsayer. Other forms of fortune-telling developed through the ages making use of the astrological ephemeris with […]

Introduction to Astrology

What is Astrology? Welcome to the Oracle’s Library, the best place to learn about the celestial realm. The original practice of astrology has been largely forgotten—buried in the sands of time, and only a glimmer of a hilt remains visible above the surface. Once a respected branch of mysticism—a source of wisdom for sages, astrology […]