Join us for the Oxford Exchange Book Fair in Tampa

What better way to spend a Sunday than at Oxford Exchange in Tampa? Join the Oracle’s Library at the 3rd Annual OE Book Fair to meet with local authors and shop an array of showcased books. The event will take place on Sunday May 7th from 9 am to 4 pm just up the stairs on the second floor.

Besides the usual offerings, tea, coffee, delectable dining, and a variety of gifts, you can also enjoy browsing books and listening to local authors give discussions on writing.

The OE Book Fair is set to feature a long list of more than thirty local authors and published works encompassing a wide range of genres and interests. Each author will be showcasing books for an exclusive opportunity to pick up some writing that strikes your fancy, and even get it signed in-person! Discussions on writing and workshops will be held throughout the day of the fair.

The Oracle’s Library, independent publisher of Philosophy, will be featuring Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers. The title “cosmic astrology” was selected to introduce an overview of the book’s contents–the history of astrology and related metaphysical thought, of ancient to modern origins, about the cosmos and natural world. The book features excerpts of some of the greatest minds in history, from Plato and Laozi to Jung and Einstein, as well as original illustrations inspired by artifacts, including the Astronomical Clock of Prague and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man reinvented in feminine form. There will be a chance to win a copy of this book by stopping over to the Oracle’s Library and entering into a grand prize drawing before the book fair comes to a close.

The OE Book Fair was an event created in order for authors, writers, and casual to adamant readers of the community to get together and connect face to face by sharing more of their passion for literary wisdom.

If this is you, then we hope you’ll join us!

OE Book Fair

The European-style setting makes Oxford Exchange an inviting atmosphere for conversation. With chic restaurant, coffeehouse, bookstore, and gift shop, there’s more culture in this Tampa Bay point-of-interest than the elegant decor. It remains a favorite destination among locals and travelers alike.

Pair your visit to OE Book Fair with family, friends, good food, your morning coffee, or afternoon tea.

It is recommended that you plan the day in advance by taking time to make your breakfast or lunch reservations. The restaurant can become quite busy on a Sunday, (especially when there a books to be read and authors to meet!). Parking is available behind Oxford Exchange in marked spots along the street on Grand Central Avenue or in Lot C. More information about the book fair can be found on the Oxford Exchange website or dedicated OE Book Fair Facebook event page.

We look forward to seeing you at the book fair!


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