harmonic resonance

Human Frequency and Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz)

Schumann Resonance

All humans, including you are tuned to the natural harmonic frequency of the Earth. This idea is called Schumann resonance and remains a relatively recent discovery in science built upon the same principles of Nikola Tesla’s electromagnetic understanding of the universe.

Here’s how it works:

What is Resonance?

Resonance is a scientific principle in physics that works with electromagnetic, acoustics, and engineering mechanics.

resonance – occurs when a given system tuned to a certain frequency begins to oscillate or amplifies the presence of a preferential external frequency.

Those frequencies that maximize or amplify a given object tuned to a specific frequency are called resonant frequencies. Together, two frequencies have the power to influence each other, if both are tuned in concordance for resonance.

Yet only certain objects are so much in tune.


harmonic resonance


One example of resonance is found in music. Each musical instrument is tuned to resonate at a specific frequency, and this is where the sound of each instrument is most often taken from its actual shape. When you play an instrument, you are actually plucking the natural resonant frequency of the object itself. We call this the harmonics of an instrument.

Resonance is the very reason why a musical instrument is able to produce such a sound.

Human Frequency and the Schumann Resonance


Schumann resonance


Humans also have a frequency in tune with the Earth. Your natural resonant frequency matches that of the Earth itself. It’s found in the Schumann Resonance, which runs somewhere between 3 and 60 Hz to create the lightning that strikes the Earth. Much like the musical instrument, these frequencies resonate with the natural harmonics of the planet.

Winfried Otto SchumannThis particular band of frequency was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann, a German physicist who found it through mathematical prediction in 1952. Schumann resonances cause the friction that generates lightning between the ground and the ionosphere of the Earth. Yet, it is more than that.

Schumann Resonance is the very pulse of the Earth at 7.83 Hz, the frequency of Earth’s natural harmonics. It is the natural resonant frequency of the planet and matches that of human consciousness at the optimal alpha brain wave state.

Therefore, Schumann resonance amplifies the same frequency that allows humans to enter a state of creativity, relaxation, and visualization with alpha brain waves. That is why some consider that the sound of Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz even heals the body.


alpha brain wave


Many scientists consider the effects of this particular frequency on life itself. It’s a widely accepted fact in science that life cannot exist without life to bring it about. Therefore, scientists have yet to create “something” into life from “nothing”.

Luc Montagnier the Nobel Prize award-winning scientist found that DNA strands in separate test tubes communicated at low frequencies and even exchanged nucleotidal information (something that had never been accomplished before in a lab). These frequencies were found to create the very building blocks of life. This was the first time the building blocks of life came together into something from nothing.

But what did Montagnier do that was different?

He applied the resonant frequency of the Earth or exposed them to Schumann frequency at 7.83 Hz.



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Photos via CC: Alice Popkorn, Marco Tedaldi, Greg Foster, Allan Ajifo

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