XI. Strength (the Enchantress)

Arcanum XI. Strength (The Enchantress)

The appearance of Strength invokes the divinity of our inner nature. Strength or the Enchantress tames the onslaught of attacks by the tides that twist the stage of the world with the weight of the wheel of fortune. Strength does not bend to the will of our animal nature (will of the senses), for instinct often betrays the truth that lies in our inner mind (will of the soul). Our mind reaches perfection with the balance of our right (eye of Sun) and left (eye of the Moon) perceptions, as we begin to silence the weakness that harnesses the heart. We must break the ties that hold us down in lower states. Thus, those forces that provoke the lower natures are neutralized by the soothing songs of affirmation, just as a plan is a prayer to the future unfolding of Time. Fortitude in Strength grants us the ability to perceive the world in the brilliance of a positive light. Patience slows the need for immediate dissolution of that which threatens to bite. To visualize the road we wish to walk is to walk the road we envision to create. Let one’s own will be enchanted by the strength of love and a fearless mind.

If this is your card, strength has appeared to help see you through to the end. Faith in your personal ability and the empowerment of self grants you the will to master fate. You may have just realized that you control the direction in life by the way in which you choose to react. The pain subsides about a passing scene, when you realize of the convincing lie–the illusion you found in such a state. Things really are not so terrible as they once seemed. In fact, let strength flow from the boundless creative potentiality of the heart. It’s not holding on that makes us strong, but it is the act of letting go.

cc: Ryan Heany

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