III. The Empress (Isis Unveiled)

Arcanum III. The Empress (Isis Unveiled)

The Empress is the result of mastering the stage of the Priestess—the pensive union of opposites. The product is Isis Unveiled or the manifestation of contemplative will born of inner desire. In marrying the two conscious forces of logic and intuition, harmony results and the creative principle is established. We have acted on the potentiality of future outcomes through the union of conflicting thoughts born of the right (eye of the Sun) and left (eye of the Moon) as we adjust our sight to the brilliance of a freshly formed paradigm. In doing so, we have opened our consciousness to the “inner eye” (eye of Horus) that perceives what is just and true, so that we may now be permitted to observe the result of our actions in the consequences in which they provoke. With this, we can discern the nature of “good” and “evil”. In order to avoid peril upon the appearance of Isis Unveiled, we must allow this new inner sight to guide us with inspiration. We have breached the point of no return, as all attempts to hide back behind the veil only welcome that which seeks to feed on the expression of our lower senses.

If this is your card, take advantage of those opportunities that ultimately amount to “good karma”. You may not see the immediate benefit, but a gift from one to another is often received as a gift for both. Sometimes it’s more rewarding to expand our focus to others who will greatly benefit from the presence of an alternative perspective. If you already evaluated the scenery with a fair mind, whatever you choose most often returns favorable winds when it reflects this wisdom. But to lower yourself past this point is to invite misfortune. Remember it is you who manifests your karmic returns—you get what you give.

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