0. The Fool (The Materialist)

the fool

The Fool is associated with “nihil”, nothing. It is the face before the journey has begun. At this moment, we are moved by our confidence in the World to provide us with all we may need to succeed. We embark with naivety and neglect to take notice of the path before us, as we march to the beat of our own drum, with head high, unyielding to the dangers of the unforeseeable unknown. The Fool card indicates we are about to encounter a brand new start — one in which we can expect a whole new category of ups and downs. As the spirit of adventure clouds our better judgment, the dog biting us back from toppling over a cliff denotes we have instinct at our side in times of peril. The greatest treasures we possess are the tools (or lessons we learned) in our pack carried over from the last journey and the self-assurance that propels us forward down the path. No matter the direction we choose, this card indicates that to embark on this new path we must first overcome ‘fear of the unknown’ and learn to trust our gut.

If this is your card, today is a great day to relieve yourself from the weight of the world around you. Within the bliss of your own ignorance — the glass is not half full, it’s simply overflowing! And despite your naivety about the facts, you were probably right to feel this way all along. Take a day off from the friction of worry, and live instead with the poise of self-assurance. Just be careful imprudence doesn’t do you in, when the needs of your basic senses lead you astray. Avoid the folly in trusting the illusion (Maya) of surface appearance, and you may be permitted to come out on top. Things always work out in the end — and if they don’t, it’s not yet the end.

photo credit: Ryan Altamera

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