Sunspot Cycle Caused by Planets Jupiter and Saturn

I'm On Astrology By Answers.comDespite the attempts of scholars to debunk all forms of astrology, the use of heliocentric astrology demonstrates that the familiarities between the planets Jupiter and Saturn cause the sunspot cycle. The heliocentric conjunction and opposition of these two giant outer planets in relation to the sun provokes patches of magnetic reversals in the form of sunspots that can be traced with science back to the astrological aspects between the sun, and planets Jupiter and Saturn. If we take a closer look at cycles of solar maximum and solar minimum, a pattern begins to unfold.

Jupiter Saturn Sunspots

Learn about the scientific implications of heliocentric astrology and how the astrological aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and the sun fuel the 22 year sunspot cycle. For an explanation behind this phenomena, check out my latest article Sunspots Caused by Planets Jupiter and Saturn on


Photo by Jules Stoop

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