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origin_2404166134The Oracle’s Library delivers an inside peek into divination. Divination is the art of prediction used throughout the ancient world. It once took the form of prophecy through sources such as the Greek Oracle, the Magi priest or the soothsayer. Other forms of fortune-telling developed through the ages making use of the astrological ephemeris with future predictions published in almanacs like those written by Nostradamus or even Benjamin Franklin–also known as Poor Richard.

Now divination is derived from the planetary transits and nativity charts that make up modern day astrology. Other forms of prediction that appear commonly throughout the news is weather prediction with scientific data the source for telling which way the winds will blow.

Astrology and Natal Charts

The astrological natal chart or birth chart is commonly used in modern astrology to assess your life fortune. Natal charts rely upon the date, location and exact moment of birth known as the ‘nativity’. The nativity is the sum of all planetary positions in the sky at the birth moment in relation to the astrological houses defined by the ascendant—the ancient Horoscope. Fortune and strife are then read through these ‘aspects’ with the degree of angles and geometric shapes between planets the source of malefic and benefic attributes. Café Astrology is a great place online to draw up a free natal chart complete with definition. Transits are another great source of daily astrology that compare transitory aspects to the positions of the planets at nativity each day.

Tarot Readings


Tarot cards, oracle cards and runes are common types of divination used today. The 78 Rider-Waite tarot deck is one such collection of cards built of 22 major arcana and four suits the wands, cups, swords and pentacles. The symbolism behind the tarot helps to interpret the circumstances within a life path and conditions of the future for the ‘querent’—the one who seeks. One of the best interactive websites for free tarot readings is The Free Tarot interactive interface allows users to shuffle the cards and chose three for past, present and future interpretations.

Synastry and Relationship Astrology

origin_4144731205Divination is also used to distinguish the energy between two people. Relationship astrology or synastry is found by drawing up the natal charts of each person and comparing the aspects between planets that prove benefic or malefic. In this way, the energy exchange upon the meeting of the two is described through angles and aspects they share.

Hard aspects such as oppositions, squares and sometimes conjunctions prove to influence each person in a deep way. The trines, sextiles and sometimes conjunctions provide a source of comfort and harmony between the two. Café Astrology provides a free synastry definition, while Astrotheme offers the most useful tool—the Biwheel Chart.

For those of you who would rather not get roped into the cards and charts—the Magic Eightball should do. Thank you for reading at the Oracle’s Library! Do you practice a form of divination? Please comment or share your experience with the art of divination.


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