Gemini the Witty Twins

geminisymbolThe Oracle’s Library moves on with another zodiac sign–Gemini. The astrological sign Gemini holds the summer solstice when the sun reaches its northern-most height of latitude to grace the Earth with summer winds. In ancient times, the summer solstice was actually found in the sign following Gemini—hinted by the name Tropic of Cancer, but precession has caused the dates to reverse backwards. Gemini is ‘the twins’ in Latin—the eloquent third sign of the Tropical Zodiac. Gemini spans from 60° to 90° on the Zodiac Belt, as it invites us into the heat of summer every year.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Profile

In Sidereal Astrology, if you were born between June 16th and July 15th your Sun sign is Gemini. This means the Sun transited through the constellation Gemini at the given time of birth. In Tropical Astrology, the sign Gemini is given to anyone born from the dates May 21st to June 22nd.

Gemini final

Gemini is a Air Sign that represents the welcoming warmth of the summer breeze—when springtime retires to the heat of the hot summer Sun. It signifies many changes are in store for the Sun has reached its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere for the year. The Tropical Zodiac Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Just as the sign indicates change, those born under Gemini are flexible and versatile beings. The Twins are said to be some of the best speakers and writers in the zodiac—with a knack for conversation and a duel sided character which has been known to get them into trouble a time or two.

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Myths and Legends of the Twins

In Greek mythology, the twins often symbolize Castor and Pollux. The twins are the two children of Leda named Castor and Pollux—sons of Zeus who were considered quite mischievous. They were both heroes on the most famous voyage of Jason and the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece and met their rivals Idas and Lynceus. So Castor and Pollux took it upon themselves to abduct the betrothed ladies of the twins Idas and Lynceaus and were caught.

As a result, Castor and Pollux were forced to fight the twins until Castor was killed. Zeus granted Pollux immortality, but he refused this gesture to be placed among the gods of Olympus and would rather die to join his brother. The gods reached a compromise allowing the pair alternate days in the heavens and in the Underworld. In ancient Babylon, the Great Twins were Meshlamtaea and Lugalirra or the ‘One who has arisen from the Underworld’ and ‘Mighty King’ to signify the Babylonian deity of the Underworld.

Stargazing the Constellation Gemini

The two brightest stars of Gemini are also named Castor—a large white star and Pollux—an even larger yellow-tinted star. This pair of brilliant stars were once quite important in navigation to ancient mariners and seafarers. Castor is just 52 light years from the earth. Gemini is located between Cancer and Taurus. It is best spotted by finding Castor and Pollux—looking eastward from the triangle shape that makes the constellation Taurus or above the three stars that signify Orion’s belt. This constellation is also high above the gleaming Sirius—brightest star in the night sky. Geminga is an interesting feature to Gemini—a neutron star 550 light years away.


October between the 18th and 29th, the Epsilon Geminids fall from the sky. In the middle of December, the Geminid meteor showers can be seen born out of this constellation. This particular meteor shower peaks at 100 meteors per hour to help light up the night sky with many shooting stars. Gemini is best viewed during the coldest months of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

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